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Title: Islamic Knowledge: Factors Effective Islamic Knowledge Transfer For Visually Impaired Users Via Malaysia E-Learning Websites
Authors: Azizan, Nurdiana
Alahoul, Mohammed Raheel
Alwi, Najwa Hayaati
Mohd Zarif, Muhammad Mustaqim
Keywords: Islamic knowledge
Islamic knowledge transfer
visually impaired users
e-learning websites.
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: It is necessary for visually impaired users (VIUs) to be able to make use of information communication technologies (ICTs), especially e-Learning websites to acquire knowledge through them. This paper explores the factors that influence effective Islamic knowledge transfer (EiKT) via e-Learning websites for VIUs in Malaysia according to the knowledge providers (KPs), service providers (SPs) and VIUs. The paper is exploratory and applies thematic analysis to analyze the qualitative data that were collected through the use of 41 interviews with the three groups of participants. Four factors were identified which influence Islamic knowledge transfer (KT) through the use of this websites. The paper has identified the factors and suggests the considerations of these factors in making decisions on the transfer of Islamic knowledge to VIUs through the use of them.
Appears in Collections:Regional Islamic Libraries Seminar (RElies)2016

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