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Title: Malay Manuscript Cataloguing In Malaysia: Issues And Challenges
Authors: Mohd Zarif, Muhammad Mustaqim
Keywords: Malay
National Library of Malaysia
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: Cataloguing of information materials is quintessentially one of the primary functions of libraries. It facilitates bibliographic control and provides information and access for users to the resources stored therein. Although modern practice of classification and cataloguing is based on certain international standards and formats, the same could not be said about manuscripts. In fact, in the case of the Malay manuscript in particular, its cataloguing is mostly based on the institutional policies and practices of the libraries which do not usually conform to the standards used in the cataloguing of other materials. This does not only create disparity in terms of the breadth and depth of the information provided, but can also confound users and researchers alike. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss this issue in further details. Specifically, it focuses on analysing some of the issues and challenges in cataloguing Malay manuscript in Malaysia as exemplified by the official published catalogues of Malay manuscripts by the National Library of Malaysia. Selected examples and cases are analysed and appraised based on the policies of the library as well as current international practices on the matter. Finally, suggestions and recommendations on improving the current state of the Malay manuscript catalogue and its practice are also provided for further reflection and consideration.
Appears in Collections:Regional Islamic Libraries Seminar (RElies)2016

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