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Title: الجملة المستأنفة في سورة البقرة: تفسير التحرير والتنوير أنموذجا دراسة تحليلية
Other Titles: al-Jumlah al-musta'nifah fi Surat al-Baqarah: tafsir al-tahriri wa-al-tanwir unmudhajan dirasah tahliliyyah
Authors: Ibtisam Ali Salem Halaly,
Keywords: Qurʼan—Language, style
Metaphor in the Qurʼan
Surah al-Baqarah -- Criticism, interpretation, etc
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: Since ancient time, rhetoric and grammatical scientists have not spared any efforts in studying the (Holy Qur'an) to understand the speech substance and the personification of its statement secrets, also savoring the qur'anic text. Therefore, efforts were varied to interpret the Holy Qur'an, there was the grammatical and doctrine interpretation, this issue is The Qur'anic sentence is magnificent sentence, it has no weakness in its system nor composition, hence, it is well coordinated, precise in its organization and context .wherefore, the Holy Qur'an was left only to be studied and analyzed the rhetorical miracles of The Holy Qur'an. This study concerned with the resumed sentence and it was mentioned by (Jerjani) (001) that " since is how sentence should be made, sympathy to each other or to let it with sympathy and come up with prosaic by resuming of it one after another. Is one of the rhetorical secrets, however, the researcher aims through this study to address the rhetorical side in the resuming sentence in (Surat: Al-Baqarah) through liberation and enlightenment of (syaikh Taher ben Aashur) who has made such studies and end up with fail to express this aspect, this study shows the personification of the study of the linguist, and violate other commentators as al-zamakcharry. The researcher has adopted two methods: the prescriptive and the analytical to answer the research question through three chapters, the first chapter discusses the grammatical and rhetorical resumption, the second chapter to personificate the relation of resuming sentence with linking and interpretation. the third chapter is specialised personificate the resumed sentence by (syaikh Taher ben Aashur) in (Surat:Al-Baqarah),. Finally the researcher believes that the importance of this study is the commencement of starting a point for deeper eloquence in the resumed sentence of Holy Qur'an. Specially in the interpretation of libertation and enlightenment of (shaik Taher ben Aashur).
Description: Thesis (M.A) - Faculty of Major Languages Study, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2015.
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