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Title: Permasalahan Penguasaan Pelajaran Jawi Dalam Kalangan Murid Tahun Tiga.
Authors: Rajak, Fatimah binti
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: As for education, the students’ ability in using the Jawi has always been an issue in observing the performance of Jawi writing in this era. The aim of this is to find the factors affecting the students’ inabilities to master Jawi. Besides, it is also done to search on the ways to overcome those factors. 30 students of Standard 3 are selected for this research, consisting of 16 male students and 14 female students. Islamic Knowledge teachers (Guru Pendidikan Islam) are also involved in this research. The instruments used are questionnaire, document analysis, interview and observation. The data from questionnaire are statistically analysed in the form of frequency and percentages. The analysed data are then presented in the form of table. Data from questionnaire are analysed in the form of theme and observation’s data are analysed in the form of checklist with its own criteria. The results showed that the students’ inabilities to acquire Jawi are not affected by one party only. In fact it is greatly affected by many factors such as the students’ behaviours, learning sessions in classroom, the students’ surrounding and parental roles. Towards the end of the research, the researcher proposed several suggestions to different parties and also for future researches.
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