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Title: Penguasaan Bacaan Rukun Qauli Dalam Solat Dalam Kalangan Murid Tahun 4 Sekolah Rendah
Authors: Md Nasib, Raziah Binti
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: The purpose of this study was test the effectiveness of primary pupils mastery level of “Rukun Qauli” during their “solat”. The respondents selected for this particular study were ten female pupils from the same primary school. This study is to identify how effective the learning technique by using coloured card in mastering the reading of “rukun qauli” in prayers, also to identify how far the acceptance and comprehension towards the reading of “rukun qauli” in prayers, furthermore the research also aims to gauge pupils understanding of the importance “rukun qauli” during their “solat”. Based of the findings, we can deduce that 90% of the pupils have attained at least mastery level of understanding the importance of “rukun qauli” during their prayers. The findings further attribute to the importance of employing multiple teaching techniques to enchance the pupils interest in learning and mastering “rukun qauli”, for example the use of coloured card was effective because it managed to attract the pupils attention. The study also highlights the importance of reinforcement and remedical to ensure there is continuity in learning.
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