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Title: Teknik Nyanyian Dan Permainan Karom Membantu Murid Tahun Satu Mengenali Kedudukan Dan Bilangan Titik Huruf Jim, Cha, Ha Dan Kha Dengan Betul
Authors: Mohamed, Ainul Husna Binti
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam malaysia
Abstract: Jawi lesson is one of the Islamic Religious Knowledge components which is compulsory for every Muslim pupil in primary school. However, it is a problem for pupils to master the Jawi writing and reading skills. Since the beginning, pupils are weak and confused in acknowledging the Jawi letters which look similar but different in terms of the amount and position of the dots. Therefore, a research is done to identify and solve this problem from repeating consistently. The researcher has done a research at SJKC Chi Chi, Mantin. It involves six respondents from year one pupils. The research data was obtained through interviews, pre-test, post-test and observations. Based on these instruments, the respondents’ attitudes towards Jawi lesson were detected. Singing method as well as carom games used by the researcher seem to be successful in attracting the students’ interests to learn Jawi effectively.
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