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Title: Adab awareness: a case in an English language class
Authors: Mohd Muzhafar Idrus
Keywords: Teaching and learning
Reflective practice method
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Citation: Proceeding iECNA 2016 (23-24 August 2016), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: In this 21st century, vast development in seen in globalization and technology, which indirectly influences the approach in teaching and learning. Although this development brings forth advantages to both teachers and students, it also affects them in negative ways. The reality is, in the classroom, the teacher is seen as the knowledge-giver; thus, they are also seen as the adab-shaper of the students in their class. Adab or the act of being courteous, is an Islamic etiquette that portrays good manners, which needs to be present and shown among Muslim students. Taking this issue into consideration, this paper attempts to discuss how an English language class can be an avenue for teachers to highlight the adab awarenss among students. Using refective practice method, this paper explores how a reading passage was used in the English language class for the teacher and students to reflect on their adab in lectures and classes in the university. The method allows the teacher and students to assess their thoughts and actions, for the purpose of personal learning and development. The data shows that students are aware of the adab in the society and that they have a role to ensure that they present their adab as taught by their parents, peers and teachers. They also realize that the adab that some teenagers portray may be negative, as it may be caused by the effect of the development of learning in the 21st century and changes in the language learning practice. It is hoped that teachers in the 21st century would continue to remind students that the adab in language learning is a value that would shape better future generations, especially in facing the world of globalization and technology. Thus, even in the English language class, teachers can remind the adab among students in order to prevent the negative attitude from conquering them.
ISBN: 9789674403058
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