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Title: Penerimaan Penggunaan Istilah Mualaf Dalam Kalangan Mualaf di Malaysia
Authors: Irwan , M.S, Azman , A.R, Mahazan , A.M, Nuradli Ridzwan Shah ,M.D, Wan Mohd. Fazrul Azdi , W.R, Rose Irnawaty Ibrahim, Siti Nurunnajwa Shamsudin, Nusaibah Anuar Musaddad, Norlina Ismail
Keywords: Converts, Convert terms, Limitation of converts, Islam, Malaysia.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol 6 2015;
Abstract: The difference of thinking leads to diversity of the use of the term for particular issue. There is a wide term used to the new convert to Islam as convert Muslim, new brothers and sisters, a brother Muslim, reverted Muslim and mualaf. However, the question arises regarding the most appropriate term to use for this group either in everyday conversation or even in terms of its use in academic and legal. Therefore, this article will discuss the concept of the mualaf and use of the term for the new converts to Islam in Malaysia. The main objective of this article is to review the new brother’s acceptance of the use of the term mualaf and the call duration limit in accordance with the decision of the Council of Islamic Religion in each country in Malaysia as well as to propose an appropriate period for the use of the term. This article uses the method of qualitative focus groups as a mechanism to get the information and necessary data. A total of 9 individuals from a variety of backgrounds and ages was chosen as informants. Each informant interviewed for 10 minutes and asked the same question. These interviews using semistructured questions for opening space to the informant to share their opinions and experiences. The article found that most converts never showed any negative response to the use of the term mualaf, but they are prefer being called Muslim brothers because the terms itself does not indicate any gap between the same religious.
ISSN: 0127- 8886
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