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Title: Prosedur Pengislaman Mualaf di Negeri Sembilan: Kajian di Persatuan Cina Muslim Malaysia (MACMA)
Authors: Azman Ab Rahman, Irwan , M.S, Mahazan , A.M, Wan Mohd. Fazrul Azdi , W.R, Nuradli Ridzwan Shah , M.D, Rose Irnawaty Ibrahim, Norlina Ismail
Keywords: Conversion Procedure, Converts, Negeri Sembilan, Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA), Negeri Sembilan.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol 6 2015;
Abstract: The spread of Islam in Malaysia had a positive impact against the increasing number of converts. Before embracing Islam, someone should know the conversion procedures to prevent any problems arise after becoming a Muslim. Having converted to Islam, the development of a new convert was very important to ensure they are on the right path. Associations such as the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA), PERKIM, KIMMA, MRA and IPSI is important to ensure the welfare, protection and guidance to converts. Therefore, this study is to examine the conversion procedure in Negeri Sembilan and to observe MACMA’s role in ensuring the development of converts particularly Chinese after embracing Islam. The study was found that the conversion procedure in Negeri Sembilan is based on the Islamic Religious Administration Enactment (Negeri Sembilan) 2003 Part IXEmbracing Islam managed by the Islamic Propagation Centre, Paroi under the Islamic Religious Affairs Department, Negeri Sembilan (JHEAINS). The major role of MACMA, Negeri Sembilan is to provide religion guidance (fardu ain) and welfare while carrying out missionary to Chinese in Negeri Sembilan. This study can streamline the management of MACMA, Negeri Sembilan and then provide information about the conversion procedure to converts in Negeri Sembilan. This study suggested that the conversion procedure in other states were analyzed and compared.
ISSN: 0127- 8886
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