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2012Halal traceability framework for halal food productionZ., Shafii,; Wan Siti Khadijah
2012GC-MS analysis of various extracts from leaf of Plantago major used as traditional medicineJ., Jamilah,; Sharifa, A.A.,; Sharifah, N.R.S.A.,
2012Effect of storage on Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) and Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in different type of SausagesA.R., Alina; Z.H., Shazamawati; N., Nor'Atiqah; M.J., Thema Juhana; J., Juriani; K.M.W., Syamsul; A., Siti Mashitoh
2012Effect of rice bran and carboxymethyl cellulose addition on the physicochemical quality of chicken sausage formulated with red palm mid fractionA.R., Alina,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; B., Abdul Salam,; I., Maznah,; Y., Muhyiddin,; K.M.W., Syamsul,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on the fatty acids profile of chicken and muttonA.R., Alina,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; Z.H., Shazamawati,; M.S., Nurulhuda,; H.S., Ummi Syuhada,; A.K., Imtinan,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on formation of Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in chicken and muttonA.R., Alina,; A., Nurul Farah Sakinah,; Z.H., Shazamawati,; M.J., Thema Juhana,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; H.S., Ummi Syuhada,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; S., Nurulhuda,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on fatty acids methyl esthers (FAME) in beef and porkA.R., Alina; M.S., Nurulhuda; A., Siti Mashitoh; Z.H., Shazamawati; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah; H.S., Ummi Syuhada; S.A., Nurul Farah; A.S., Nurul Aqilah; K.M.W., Syamsul; A.S., Nur Nadiah Syuhada
2012Effect of different cooking methods on formation of cholesterol oxidation products in pork and beefA.R., Alina,; Ummi Syuhada; Z.H., Syazamawati,; M.J., Thema Juhana,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; A., Nurul Farah Sakinah,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; M.S., Nurulhuda,
2012Detection of Non-Halal Plasma Transglutaminase in Selected Surimi-Based Products by using Sandwich ELISA MethodA.R., Alina; M.A., Nur Illiyin; Y., Salmah; A., Siti Mashitoh; A.K., Imtinan; J., Juriani
2012Detection of Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in raw and chilled storage of chicken sausages formulated with chicken fat and red palm mid fractionA.R., Alina; M.I., Fahmi; S.Z., Hashari; M.J., Thema Juhana; J., Juriani; A., Siti Mashitoh
2012Detection of blood thrombin enzyme in surimi-based products by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodA.R., Alina; A.S., Nur Nadiah Syuhada; N.R.S.A., Sharifah; A., Siti Mashitoh; A.S., Nurul Aqilah; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah; M.S., Nurulhuda; H.S., Ummi Syuhada; K.M.W., Syamsul; N., Nurul Farah Sakinah A. Basir,
2011Cognitive distortion, depression and self-esteem among adolescents rape victimsS., Abdullah,; A., Salleh,; Z., Mahmud,; J., Ahmad,; S.A., Ghani,
2011Challenges for commercialization of university research for agricultural based inventionN.I., Yaakub,; W.M.H., Wan Hussain,; Z.A., Zainol,; W.K., Mujani,; E.A., Jamsari,; A., Sulaiman,; K., Jusoff,
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13