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2013The inclination of student and public towards the establishment of Islamic waqf bankAziz M.R.A., Yusof M.A .; Johari F.
2013Political creativity among religious leaders: The case of MuhammadNizah M.A.M., Zarif M.M.M.; Atoma P., Kandil H.M.T.E.
2012Unique flowers produced from West Indian Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf. through induced mutationSharifah N.R.S.A., Mahir A.M.,; Jusoff K.
2012The possibility of uniformity on Halal standards in organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) countryHalim M.A.A., Salleh M.M.M.
2012Oxidative stability of smoked chicken sausage substituted with red palm mid fraction during chilled storageAlina A.R., Siti Mashitoh A.; Babji A.S, Maznah I.,; Syamsul K.M.W., Muhyiddin Y.
2012Negotiating interests according to Islamic approach on Halal certifications: Challenges in creating jobsNorhayati Rafida A.R., Alina A.R.,; Hafiz H.H., Saifol B.
2011Reliability and validity of peer aggression coping self-efficacy scaleShafie A.A.-H., Mahmud Z.; Amat S, Salleh A; Jusoff K, Ibrahim M.A.A.
2012Halal traceability framework for halal food productionZ., Shafii,; Wan Siti Khadijah
2012GC-MS analysis of various extracts from leaf of Plantago major used as traditional medicineJ., Jamilah,; Sharifa, A.A.,; Sharifah, N.R.S.A.,
2012Effect of storage on Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) and Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in different type of SausagesA.R., Alina; Z.H., Shazamawati; N., Nor'Atiqah; M.J., Thema Juhana; J., Juriani; K.M.W., Syamsul; A., Siti Mashitoh
2012Effect of rice bran and carboxymethyl cellulose addition on the physicochemical quality of chicken sausage formulated with red palm mid fractionA.R., Alina,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; B., Abdul Salam,; I., Maznah,; Y., Muhyiddin,; K.M.W., Syamsul,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on the fatty acids profile of chicken and muttonA.R., Alina,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; Z.H., Shazamawati,; M.S., Nurulhuda,; H.S., Ummi Syuhada,; A.K., Imtinan,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on formation of Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in chicken and muttonA.R., Alina,; A., Nurul Farah Sakinah,; Z.H., Shazamawati,; M.J., Thema Juhana,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; H.S., Ummi Syuhada,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; S., Nurulhuda,
2012Effect of grilling and roasting on fatty acids methyl esthers (FAME) in beef and porkA.R., Alina; M.S., Nurulhuda; A., Siti Mashitoh; Z.H., Shazamawati; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah; H.S., Ummi Syuhada; S.A., Nurul Farah; A.S., Nurul Aqilah; K.M.W., Syamsul; A.S., Nur Nadiah Syuhada
2012Effect of different cooking methods on formation of cholesterol oxidation products in pork and beefA.R., Alina,; Ummi Syuhada; Z.H., Syazamawati,; M.J., Thema Juhana,; A., Siti Mashitoh,; A., Nurul Farah Sakinah,; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah,; M.S., Nurulhuda,
2012Detection of Non-Halal Plasma Transglutaminase in Selected Surimi-Based Products by using Sandwich ELISA MethodA.R., Alina; M.A., Nur Illiyin; Y., Salmah; A., Siti Mashitoh; A.K., Imtinan; J., Juriani
2012Detection of Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) in raw and chilled storage of chicken sausages formulated with chicken fat and red palm mid fractionA.R., Alina; M.I., Fahmi; S.Z., Hashari; M.J., Thema Juhana; J., Juriani; A., Siti Mashitoh
2012Detection of blood thrombin enzyme in surimi-based products by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methodA.R., Alina; A.S., Nur Nadiah Syuhada; N.R.S.A., Sharifah; A., Siti Mashitoh; A.S., Nurul Aqilah; A.H., Nurul Mawaddah; M.S., Nurulhuda; H.S., Ummi Syuhada; K.M.W., Syamsul; N., Nurul Farah Sakinah A. Basir,
2011Cognitive distortion, depression and self-esteem among adolescents rape victimsS., Abdullah,; A., Salleh,; Z., Mahmud,; J., Ahmad,; S.A., Ghani,
2011Challenges for commercialization of university research for agricultural based inventionN.I., Yaakub,; W.M.H., Wan Hussain,; Z.A., Zainol,; W.K., Mujani,; E.A., Jamsari,; A., Sulaiman,; K., Jusoff,
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20