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Title: Konsep Al-Masalih Al-Mursalah Menurut Penggunaan Imam Malik
Authors: Mohammad Zaini Bin Yahaya, Shofian Bin Ahmad
Keywords: Malik, ijtihad, maqasid, contemporary, jurisprudence
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol 5 2015;
Abstract: This paper seeks to elucidate the uniqueness application of al-Masalih al-Mursalah by Imam Malik. Imam Malik or generally Maliki school belongs to cluster the Ahl al-Hadith but at the same time they often use al-Masalih al-Mursalah in ijtihad until they are known as school of al-masalih. Al-Masalaih al-Mursalah is one of the principle in the Islamic Jurisprudence that based on al-Ra’y and al-‘Aql. It certainly looks awkward for the tradition of Imam Malik who apllied the strictest in adherence to hadith. Therefore, it poses a contradiction metode that interesting to be reviewed. This paper discusses this issue by referring to the concept of al-masalih al-mursalah and its application by Imam Malik. This discussion will also elaborate other principle in the Islamic Jurisprudence especially qiyas and Maqasid al-Shari’ah. This discussion is significant as it gives a real explanation about the concept of al-Masalih al-Mursalah and its importance in the contemporary ijtihad.
ISSN: 0127- 8886
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