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Title: دور الإزاعة الإسلامية في توعية قضايا المجتمع دراسة في إزاعة القران ستول في تايلاتد وازاعة اياكيم في ماليزيا
Authors: Ahmad Napalen,
Keywords: Radio programs--Malaysia
Radio programs--Thailand
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research aims to identify the role of Islamic Broadcasting Quran Radio in Stul Thailand and radio (IKIM) in Malaysia In the discussion of the issues and challenges facing Thai society and society of Malaysia. As well as how to address these issues through the Islamic media in Thailand and the Muslim media in Malaysia. The researcher used in this research inductive approach which is based on an extrapolation of the phenomenon and collect information about them. In addition, explain the role of the Thai radio and the role of the Malaysian radio in the face of the challenges facing the Muslims, whether in Thailand or Malaysia and how to treat this phenomenon by Islamic Media Thai and Malaysian. The researcher found a number of results, including the Islamic media representative in the Quran Radio in Stul and Radio (IKIM) in Malaysia have succeeded in delivering a message of tolerance of Islam to the Muslim community in Thailand and Malaysia under a state of peaceful coexistence and the gathering in addition to its ability to find a realistic and practical solutions to Muslims object of the problems in society. Also, the Quran Radio and (IKIM) Radio play a role in the confirmation of the complex issues it draws to the nation's unity in common sense and concerns in order to be mobilized towards one issue serve the nation and make them live up to the Union in front of the various odds. Thus, the Quran Radio in Stul and Radio (IKIM) in Malaysia legally required to develop, modernize roads and approaches used by the means of the Islamic Dawah. Moreover, the use of all modern technological means to communicate this message to non-Muslims. Thus, both the Quran Radio in Stul and (IKIM) in Malaysia that faced the effects of audible notification of the importance of such effective influence in the hearts, minds, the means, the leadership of the intellectual trends, individual collective behaviors, their ability to ignite wars and put out the flames, and is unable to throw suspicions and replayed, became the perceived aware Pena what the media's position and would in our contemporary reality in most of the above times, because of what the media now is the diversity and potential, it is up to all places and all individuals on all classes and levels.
Description: Thesis (PhD)-- Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2015
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