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Title: The role of television treatment of the historical drama: an analytical study of "Omar series"
Authors: Mohammad Adway, Abdallah Mahmoud
Keywords: Historical drama, Arabic
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Historical Television drama is one of the important sources of knowledge in the present time. Therefore, it is important to produce accurate historical drama that represents historical characters and events. Historical drama is one of the topics that is under-researched in Arab academic studies. The importance of this study is partially due to the shortage of studies of television treatment of Islamic history events, selecting the drama series of Omar as a case study. The Problem statement of the study is the discussion of historical television drama, and the ability of the television treatment of historical drama and its effectiveness in understanding historical events and contents, as well as attraction of the dramatisation of history and its role in producing impacted behavior of audience. The study aims to analyze the way of television treatment of the historical drama in the series of Omar as well as to discuss the ability of dramatic treatment to achieve the attraction, understanding and interacting, and know the effect of elements of dramatic structure, characters, accuracy of information, content, and locations on the effectiveness of the historical drama and its ability to affect audiences and convince them. The study exploited descriptive analytical method of research using content analysis to analyze the television treatment of the historical drama in the series of Omar. In addition, a sample of audience was chosen to find out the ability of drama treatment to achieve attractions, understanding and interaction of audience. The study concluded that there are positive relationships of the dramatic treatment elements that are statistically significant with the historical drama effectiveness factors, ranging between medium and strong. The study found out that an effect and contribution for the elements of content up to 34%, location 23% and watching drama 10.6%, of understanding historical drama. Moreover, it was also discovered that factors contribution percentage that attracted audience towards historical drama was as such; content was 34.8%, accuracy of information 23.4%,dramatic structure 19.7%, and watching drama 8.3%. In addition, it was inferred that there has been on impact of historical drama on audience behavior by dramatic treatment elements in such away there the contribution of content was 42.9%, characters 20.9%, accuracy of information 12.4% and educational level 15%. The contribution of the study is knowing the effectiveness of historical drama and the importance of presenting it to audiences. It also contributed through introducing a new literature that tackles an important part in the historical drama that helps people in the field of drama production to know the effective elements in the effectiveness of drama.
Description: Thesis (PhD)-- Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2016
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