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Title: Language Learning Attitudes and English Language Proficiency of First Year Quranic Studends: Case Study at KUIM
Authors: Harison @ Hanisa Mohd Sidek
Normazla Ahmad Mahir
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2009
Series/Report no.: CODE: PPPP(1)/2004;
Abstract: Language learning attitude is one of the factors that language. This study attempts to identify language learning attitude and its relationship with English Language proficiency amongst second language learner of English in KUIM. Survey method is employed through th administration of questionnaire to each individual group. The finding indicate that the subjects have less favorable language learning attitude as portrayed by the inclination of personality traits towards the less favorable attitude zones. This show that language learning attitude does influence the subjects’ performance in their English language examination as pointed out by their final English examination results at the end of the first semester of their freshman year cooperative learning strategies are recommended in the English language activities conducted in the classroom as to improve the students’ language learning attitude. The implementation of these strategies in all four skills is in the aim to improve students’ language learning attitude, which contribute to the enhancement of their performance in the English language examination.
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