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Title: Bab 12 Aftercare Services Increase Self-Assertive And Self-Motivation Among Aftercare Clients
Authors: Sabrina Jamali, Mohd Azirul Bin Ismail
Marlini Manan, Mohamad Haris Bin Latif Mohamad
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ACREDA, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: ABSTRACT This study is done due to the need of assessing the effectiveness of aftercare services in two types of centers, public and private in enhancing the self-assertive and self-motivation among their clients. Three factors had been chosen; race, age and location in order to determine precise result. The participants were 200 men, aged below 20 to 80 years old. A set of questionnaire consists of 32 statements meant to collect data about the clients’ level of self-assertive and self-motivation is distributed among them. 5 hypotheses had been created and data is interpreted by using Independent samples t-Test, SPSS. The measurements are done in precisely in order to see the quality of aftercare services for the clients. Generally, results show that most of the clients had positive development in their self-assertive and self-motivation aspects even though it is very little improvement. Through showing that the aftercare centers tried their best to provide excellent services to cater the recovery addicts’ need, this research highlights the importance of enhancing the self-assertive and self-motivation among them in evading the potential of relapse in future.
ISBN: 9789674403058
Appears in Collections:Proceeding Prevent 2015 (International Drug Prevention And Rehabilitation Conference)

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