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Title: Bab 13 A Study An Rehabilitees’ Readiness To Change And Aggressive Behaviour In Among A Drug Rehabilitation Center.
Authors: Mohd Helmie Bin Musa, Zumasni Binti Rajikin
Hedayatul Akmal Binti Abu Bakar, Khairinfariza Binti Kamarul Bahrin
Suhana Atan
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ACREDA, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: ABSTRACT: Readiness to change and aggressive behaviour is a key motivational and success strength of drug addicts to remain drug free and prevent relapse. This study is provided to measure the readiness to change and aggresive behaviour among rehabilitees of cure and care rehabilitation center in (CCRC) Malaysia. The rehabilitees’stages of readiness of change was measured by University Of Rhode Island Change Asessment (URICA) and Aggresive inventory Questionnaire (AQ). A total of 100 rehabilitiees from one rehabilitation center in peninsular Malaysia were chosen using strafied random sampling. Data were analyzed using descriptive analyses. Result showed majority of respondent indicated high readiness to taking steps to change. The findings provided for the significant relationship among aggresive behaviour dan the readiness to change. On the other hand, when the readiness to change is low, the aggresive behaviour is high. Education on how to effectively deal with aggressive behavior among rehabiltees’ at risk should be emphasized for building positive behavior among rehabilitees’ in rehabilitation center.
ISBN: 978 967 440 246 4
Appears in Collections:Proceeding Prevent 2015 (International Drug Prevention And Rehabilitation Conference)

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