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Title: Bab 17 Effect Of Physical Activity On Breathing Rate (Br) And Heart Rate (Hr) Among Papar Inmates Heroin User
Authors: Ibrahim Maclean Chong
Keywords: Keywords: Heroin user; resting heart rate; Breathing rate; cardiopulmonary system
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Abstract: Abstract Objective: Physical activity has always been an intervention of various researches and it had been proven to be effective in regulating efficient cardiovascular system, where it induced lowered resting heart rate and breathing rate during exercise among sedentary and conditioned people such as diabetes and stroke. However in this investigation, inmates with drug abused are subjected in this research. The objective of this research is to identify the effect of physical activity conducted by inmates and its effect on resting heart rate and breathing rate during exercise; and indirectly investigator could conclude whether heroin would affect its user ability to participate in any sport activity. Design: Repeated measure on field test. Methods: 10 male patients with past heroin consumption (5-10 years) chosen to take part in this investigation. The choosing criterion is based on the ability and compatibility of the inmates to conduct various exercises. Self-report on daily activities is compulsory. Mean data was measured and recorded. Results: Patients recorded a lower resting heart rate in the final test if compared with baseline data and the first post-test. Breathing rate is recorded lowest in final test compared with its baseline data. Conclusion: All patients recorded a lowered resting heart rate and breathing rate throughout the research. Also, field test in this case which is 2.4km run showed improvement which proved that their fitness level increased due to their efficiency of cardiopulmonary system.
ISBN: 978 967 440 246 4
Appears in Collections:Proceeding Prevent 2015 (International Drug Prevention And Rehabilitation Conference)

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