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Title: أثر توافق تخطيط الموارد البشرية والتخطيط الأستر اتيجي على الأداء الوظيفي للشركة الليبية اللبريد والاتصالات وتفنية المعلومات القابضة
Authors: Abo Menjel, Naser Al Mahdi
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Conflicting plans and their inconsistency and incompatibility, is one of the phenomena that business organizations experience. This study aims mainly at adopting compatible strategic planning and human resources planning from a practical point of view in order to keep up with rapid environmental changes. It also seeks to analyze and measure the impact of this compatibility on functional performance. Then, this study presents a comprehensive analytical framework which explains how to deal with this issue, in light of changing environmental conditions experienced by the company under study so as to assist decision-makers in the formulation of future appropriate policies and plans through compatibility to achieve the best levels of functional performance which in turn enhances the company's performance. In order to achieve this goal, the constructivism structural equation model (AMOS) and (SPSS) program are adopted since these programs, compared to other traditional statistical methods, are characterized by their ability to test a complex set of variables at once taking into consideration intermediate variables if any and including the analysis and interpretation of the impact of compatible strategic planning and human resources planning on functional performance on a random sample of 500 respondents from the company's staff. Findings reveal that compatible strategic planning and human resources planning slightly impact functional performance, but that this effect does not rise to the desired level. This indicates that administrative and planning policies in this company are unable to integrate plans into a single plan that stems from the integration of roles between the departments of the company. Therefore, the solution to the issue of conflicting plans need to be based on actual policies that are reintegrated through internal and external compatibility which corresponds with the vision, objectives and mission of the company.
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