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Title: The Sensitivity of the Past Malayonesian Leaders and Scholars Toward Sustainability
Authors: Shaharir M.Z, Alinor M.B.A.K
Keywords: Keywords: sustainablity, Malayonesian knowledge, indiginous knowledge, valuebased knowledge.
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: ABSTRACT Based on our study on two inscriptions, the Talang Tuwo inscription in Palembang, Sumatera dated 683 AD, and an inscription at Phui Qui, Vietnam dated 1088 AD, and three manuscripts, the Nagarakartagama by Prapanca 1365 AD, Hikayat Raja Pasai written by an anonymous in early sixteenth century, and Taj al-Salatdin by Bukhary al-Jawhary 1603, we show that the past Malayonesian leaders and scholars were very much sensitive towards the environmental, food, language, religious-spiritual, and knowledge sustainabilities. The comprehensiveness of their sustainability concept can be seen from their concern not only about this world but also hereafter and not just human being but every creation. For sustainabilities, their great leaders, and scholars had practiced or prescribed principle of moderation; subscribed religious concept of happiness and spiritualism; against greed, extremism-fanaticism, pride, unbalanced in wealth and hedonism.
ISSN: 1675 - 5936
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