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Title: تأثر ديوان كنوز العلا مولد البرزنجي؛ دراسة مقارنة
Other Titles: Affected by the Diwan of the treasures of Al-Ula Al-Barzanji's birth; comparative study
Authors: Ahmad Rosdi, Muhamad Adli
Keywords: Islam and poetry
Muḥammad, Prophet, -632
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The making of poem specifically to praise Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in Malay language was started by a scholar called Tok Ku Tuan Besar and he had written a poem named Diwan Kanzul Ula. In this poem, he told people about the history of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This comparative study between Diwan Kanzul Ula and Maulud al-Barzanji held to find any similarities of the content from both poems. This study has been held using qualitative method by putting out any similarities found between the content of Diwan Kanzul Ula and Maulud al-Barzanji. From this study, it is found that there are some content similarities between Diwan Kanzul Ula and Maulud al-Barzanji and this result prove that Maulud al-Barzanji has affected the writing of Diwan Kanzul Ula.
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