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Title: The possibility of uniformity on Halal standards in organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) country
Authors: Halim M.A.A., Salleh M.M.M.
Keywords: Halal certificatio; Halal regulation; Halal standard; OIC country
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyse the Halal standards among OIC Country specifically on preparation of food standard. One of the reasons why the Halal industry cannot grow faster, despite rising demands for Halal products worldwide, is because there is no consensus on a Halal standard. Each country has its own certification body, which leads to disagreements over animal feed, slaughtering methods, packaging, logistics and other issues. Indeed, all sectors of the market from inter-government agencies to the smallest trader have recognized the need for one global Halal standard that is recognised by all importing countries. Amidst the growing number of agencies issuing Halal certificates, there is also an increasing trend for local government departments to take charge of Halal certification as a result of the increasing demand for the export of Halal goods. It would be very difficult for countries to collectively agree on one global Halal standard as this would mean surrendering their sovereign rights. As a conclusion, uniformity and consensus especially among OIC Countries is very much important in order to ensure Halal standard for OIC Countries can be develop or otherwise it will be a dream forever. Implication of this paper is to educate people and industry on the importance of having uniformity for Halal standard. Hence, in the future research, it is suggested to study on the establishment of International Accreditation for Halal. © IDOSI Publications, 2012.
ISSN: 18184952
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