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Title: Product recall management for Halal product
Authors: Shafii Z., Shahwan S.
Muhamed N.A., Hashim H.
Rahim A.A., Amin M.F.M.
Aziz Y.A., Jusoff K.
Zaib S.M.Z.
Keywords: Halal product; Product recall; Recall management
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Product recalls are damaging to companies due to its effects to financial performance as well as the image of the company. Product recall management is the final step of traceability system in a company. When the incidence of product recall happens, a company must have a good recall management system that works as the last defense to the company's image. This study examines the product recall management in two companies operating in Halal industry. The objective of this study is to examine the implementation of Halal traceability measures and recall programs in the companies under the study. This study employed case study method to obtain data from two companies operating in Halal industry; one is a manufacturing of Halal product while another is a slaughterhouse. This study provides analysis on Halal traceability system implemented by two companies and the procedure of food recall produced by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). Findings of the study indicate that both of the surveyed companies practiced seven elements of traceability system to prevent them from involving in the incidence of food recall. The results also imply that food recall management and Halal traceability implementation are important in order to maintain the company from receiving negative impacts of food recall. Future comparative research on the similarities between food recall in Halal food and non-Halal food industry could be conducted to improve the product recall management in the Halal industry.
ISSN: 19909233
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