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Title: Status of property nominee for employees provident fund
Authors: Said N.L.M., Muda M.Z.
Yaacob S.E., Yusoff A.M.
Keywords: Assets; EPF; Immovable; Income; Interests; Savings
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Medwell Journals
Abstract: The movable and immovable assets owned by the deceased while he was alive are categorized, as asset inheritance including any incomes, interests, rentals or dividends derived from those assets as long as not yet divided and distributed to the rightful heirs. Nonetheless, there are confusions in determining new societal issues of inheritance whether this inheritance can be categorized as a bequest or not, inter alia is the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings with assigned nominees. Hence, this working study will explain the status of property nominee for EPF and the role of the nominee over those savings. © 2013 Medwell journals.
ISSN: 19935250
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