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Title: Ijtihad Approach of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Authors: Sempo, Muhammad Widus
Keywords: Approach, prophet, ijtihad, Islamic law, jurisprudence
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Al-Qanatir International Journal of Islamic Studies
Citation: googlescholar
Series/Report no.: Vol. 2;No. 2
Abstract: This research aims to set out the ijtihad approach of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) based on the spirit of Islamic law (shariah) and the rule of qiyas. The prophet’s ijtihad was considered as a guidance for ummah to achieve successin the area of Islamic jurisprudence. So, it is not surprising, if his ijtihad has been widely accepted as an approach of ijtihad for the experts of Islamic law (usuliyyin).
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