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Title: "مرتكزات في منهج الشيخ محمد الطاهر بن عاشور في تفسير "التحرير والتنوي
Other Titles: "Anchors in the approach of Sheikh Mohammed Tahir bin Ashour in the interpretation of" liberation and intention
Authors: Noornajihan Jaafar
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol 5 No 6 2010;
Abstract: This paper attempts to discuss the biography of Shaykh Ibn 'Ashur and selected features of his methodology of Quranic exegesis as applied in Tafsir al-Tahrir wa al-Tanwir. In the first part, aspects of his life, educational background, social activities and career, as well as his academic contributions are highlighted based on the primary sources on the matter. In the second part, the focus is on presenting the prominent features of his methods in Quranic exegesis as applied in his tafsir work. As a result, seven of such features have been identified. These include emphasizing on the role of asbab al-nuzul, semantic dimensions of Quranic words and phrases, Prophetic traditions, and so on to interpret the Quran based on contemporary life situations.
ISSN: 1823-4356
Appears in Collections:Maalim Al-Quran Wa Al-Sunnah Vol 5, No 6 2010

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