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Title: الاتجاه النقدي في التفسير تفسير ابن عاشور نموذجا
Other Titles: The cash trend in the interpretation of the interpretation of Ibn Ashour model
Authors: Nashwan Abdul Khalid Almkhlavi // نشوان عبد خالد المخلافي
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol 7 No 8 2012;
Abstract: This paper deals with the criticism approach of Quranic interpretation in general, in order to give the reader a general view of the most significant criticism aspect addressed by the commentators in their tafsir. The researcher aims at giving a brief overview of the deductive criticism approach in interpretation. If Ijtihad and deduction terms are present, and conditions of the interpreter are applicable, then there is ample space to explain the verses of the Quran within the prescibed guidelines, though it is important not to trespass the overall purpose of the Quran in order to widen the range of its semantic and employing its purposes to fit in with the reality of the society. The researcher has followed the inductive approach to collect the texts, statements and evidences as well as the analytical approach in studying these texts to highlight the aspect of criticism made by some comentators of other comentators through the case of Ibn Ashur and his methodology in his tafsir work.
ISSN: 1823-4356
Appears in Collections:Maalim Al-Quran Wa Al-Sunnah Vol 7, No 8 2012

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