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dc.contributor.authorDaud M.A.K.M., Radzi W.M.-
dc.contributor.authorAbdullah R., Johari F.-
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research is to present the analysis of the qualitative semi-structured interviews to determine the challenges and reality faced by women managers in managing the sport industry. Three major concerns are identified to be analysed based on the experiences of these women to determine the capabilities as managers through sport activities and challenges face by women sport managers in local sport industry. The three main concerns are firstly, the women sport managers' requisite skills and corresponding qualities. Secondly, the women sport managers' experience in juggling multiple responsibilities. Thirdly, the availability of support network for women sport managers. The research also found that these women sport managers gave positive feedback on the state of their readiness in facing the challenges of managing contemporary local sport industry. Overall, the respondents acknowledges that women play an important part in managing sport, although admitting that women in top-level positions is still lacking in numbers in contrast to the population. The engagement of women sport managers demand certain sacrifices and challenges that are balanced out mostly by the exceptional support they received from their spouses and immediate family members. The implications of the study would provide more data and inform policy-makers on future policy promulgations that concern the women sport managers. Among others is the consideration for an enabling infrastructure for more women to engage and subsequently contribute to the development of the local sport industry.en_US
dc.subjectMalaysia; Management style; Sport industry; Women sport managersen_US
dc.titleThe participation of women managers in managing sport: Challenges and realityen_US
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