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Title: منهج ابن عادل الحنبلي في إيراد القراءات الأربع عشرة وأثرها في تفسيره الفاتحة والبقرة نموذجا
Authors: Sajjad Faisal Taha Alhumaidan
Keywords: Qurʼan--Readings
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research is a scientific study of the science Alqira'at al-Quara'aniya. It is entitled "The Approach of Ibn Adil Alhanbali in presenting the fourteen Qira'at and their effect in his Tafsir: Surats Al Fatiha and Al Baqarah as a model". Alhanbali showed his attention for Alqira'at those follow rules and those which do not. He used them in his explications, exploring the meanings and their effect in language, creed and jurisprudence. The standing on his approach in the recitings is as important as standing on his method in the interpretation ,and to understand the effects of the interpreter's neclecting for reciting during the process of the interpretation:_whereas the negligence of reciting leads to neglect of other meanings which are carried by the reciting faces. which in turn have different effects in the interpretation. Due to these intricacies, this research aims at studying the aim of Alhanbali, his interpretations, and his scientific life along with diagnosing his approach in offering the fourteen Qira'at in his interpretation. Also, the research aims at revealing the effect of ALqira'at on the linguistic aspects, creedal issues and jurisprudent judgments. These objectives led the researcher to adopt the inductive approach to explore the fourteen Qira'at in surats Alfatiha and Albaqara, revealing the interpreter's methods in presenting and classifying them according to his priorities. Besides, the researcher depends on the analytical descriptive approach to describe the objective material using Alqira'at's positions employed by the researcher . The researcher, then, analyzes according to need of Alqira'at's positions, based on revealing how Alqira'ah is accurate and positioning and directing it. Also, the researcher analyzes various effects that result later. The researcher manages to conclude that; many details and facts about Alhanbali's scientific life is obscure because of lack of references, the approach he followed was not an original one because he cited from previous references and his main citations belong to Alsameen Alhalabi's interpretation of "Aldaar Almasoon". To be noted that Alhanbali contradicted Alsameen Alhalabi in certain issues. The effect of Alqira'at in language, creed, and jurisprudence, then, is attributed to the variation of Alqira'at, and this is not contradiction. This is secret inimitability of Qura'an settled by Allah in this holy book. The researcher recommends to extract all Alqira'at offered by Alhanbali in his interpretation and judge it by their frequencies or their exceptions through referring these recitings to their specialized sources of Alqira'at.
Description: Thesis (M.A)--Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2015
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