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Title: القراءات وتوجيهها في كتاب معاني القرآن وإعرابه للزجاج من أول سورة الفاتحة إلى آخر سورة آل عمران
Other Titles: al-Qira'at wa-tawhjihuha fi-Kitab Ma'ani al-Qur'an wa-'Irabihi lil-Zajaj min awal Surah al-Fatihah ila akhir Surah Ali-'Imran
Authors: al-Basri, Yasir Hamad Mahmoud
Keywords: Qurʼan—Hermeneutics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Praise be to God, who lifted holder of the Quran, and prayers and peace on from God to who sent for human and elves, and yet it has created a God for his book of enshrined in and protected, and explains its meaning, and scholars of this nation Imam AL-ZAJAJ and his book the meanings of Quran, which explained the whole Quran , but clear evidence that. The objectives of this research is to highlight the importance of this book among books and scientific significance of the statement by the readings, and the commentators approach in dealing with the readings and the impact of the school was a difference in the language directing the readings. The approach taken in this research is the inductive approach has been settled and the texts cited researchers to infer, as well as descriptive analytical method for the analysis of these texts and statement. And frequent and Rod the commentators on the frequent readings in the interpretation of the verses and clarify. And the different linguistics school that belongs to the interpreter lead to differences in direct readings of the reasons for choosing the topic.
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