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Title: Hagiographic Elements In The Battle Of Uhud: A Prolegomenon To The Early Sirah Traditions
Authors: Ummi Kamila Mior Ahmad Ramdzan
Ahmad Sanusi Azmi
Keywords: Hagiograph, Sirah Nabawiyyah, Hadith
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: No 1 vol 1 (December 2016);
Abstract: Recent studies on the Sirah are usually focusing on the reliability of its sources by applying critical analysis of its material. There is obviously a lack of study on its hagiographic elements and its patterns. This is precisely where the lacuna occurs in which the present study aims to fill by clarification and analysis. It has been confirmed by the preliminary study of the present researcher that there is an obvious hagiographical element in the narrative of Battle of Uhud. Therefore, this study aims (1) to explore the nature and element of hagiography by focusing on the hadith of al-Maghazi in the Battle of Uhud, (2) and identify these elements based on the narrative delivered in the early Sirah literature. The study is qualitative in nature in which the researcher employed critical textual analysis as a main method of study. The study in its finding argues that there is some addition and deduction in the storyline conveyed by the early Sirah compilers. Secondly, there is difference facts among the biographer of Sirah about particular issue in the Battle of Uhud. Thirdly, the study traced elements that implied that particular author apparently prone to Shi’ite doctrine.
ISSN: 2550-1448
Appears in Collections:Vol 1 No 1 (December 2016)

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