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Title: Future of Malaysian Federation : Could It Be Really Separated ?
Authors: Dr.Mohd Hazmi, Mohd Rusli
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: After 61 years of nationhood, Malaysia recently celebrated its national day as a proud, successful and progressive sovereign State. Unlike Hong Kong and Singapore, which were British priceless ports in the East, the British did not invest significantly for the development of infrastructure in either British Malaya or British Borneo. The colonial administrators exploited the natural resources in Malaya and British Borneo extensively,but did not leave much for the benefit of the local population.Upon independence,Malaysia transformed itself into one of the largest trading countries in the world , developing rapidly at an unprecedented rate following the end of colonisation.The quality of life and the level of education of most Malaysians has improved significantly, particularly among the Bumiputras,with more and more from this group, underprivileged during British rule,now working as professionals.Malaysia is now a leading developing nation.Notwithstanding,there have been irresponsible and unwarranted calls mooting the idea of secession of states from the Malaysian Federation.Would this be possible under international law?
ISSN: 1976-9229
Appears in Collections:Journal of East Asia and International Law

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