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Title: Physicochemical Properties and Acceptability Studies of Cereal Bar Produced From Puffed Glutinous Rice and Selected Sunnah Foods Using Diferent Packaging Materials
Authors: Agbaje Rafiu
Keywords: cereal bar
mineral elements
shelf life
sensory evaluation
Halal/sunnah foods
Issue Date: Feb-2015
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research was undertaken to explore the feasibility of formulating cereal bars with Sunnah fruits that could contribute to the human health. The cereal bars were evaluated; its nutrients and energy as well as consumer acceptance. The consumer acceptability of the cereal bars was carried out using 9- point hedonic scale. The shelf life of the bars was studiedwith respect to packaging materials, water activity and moisture content after 120 days of storage. The four packaging materials were nylon (polyamide), metallised polyester (MP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and aluminium foil (AF). Results found out that calcium was the major mineral (186.54 - 482.9 mg/kg). The samples contained sodium, 70.54-235.86 mg/kg; iron 33.64-41.52 mg/kg); zinc, 29.76-50.95 mg/kg; manganese, 12.52-17.05 mg/kg; copper, 11.86-13.73 mg/kg; magnesium, 88.00-160.14 mg/kg. Results also revealed there there were no differences in protein contents of the cereal bars formulated, (3.38-4.04%). Ash contents of the samples were significantly different (p<0.05), the values ranged between 0.97 and 1.88%. The fat contents were significantly different with formulation B having the highest fat content (10.72%). Carbohydrate contents were affected by fibre contents; samples with lover crude fibres had higher carbohydrate contents, as a result of lower fruit contents; this also reflected in the energy contents of the cereal bar samples. The lowest water activity was observed in the samples with lower fruits contents. In sensory analysis, all the cereal bar formulations had high with sensory acceptance. However, formulation C had the highest overall acceptance (6.58). The shelf life study revealed that water activity (aw) of the bars were well below that values that could encourage microbial proliferation that would lead to spoilage of the bars. Metallised polyester (MP) and aluminium foil (AF) showed better properties glutinous rice with different composition Sunnah foods and binding agents;honey and glucose syrup can be used formulate cereal bars with appreciable proximate and energy contents with good shelf life.
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