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Title: الخرائط المفاهيمية أنموذجاً تطبيقياً لتدريس مساق فقه الأسرة
Authors: Hamza Abed ALKarim Hammad
Keywords: conceptual maps
Fiqh of the family
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This paper comes as an attempt to answer a number of research questions: what are conceptual maps, how did their ideas, history and educational philosophy emerge? What is its importance? The study followed the analytical descriptive method through talking about maps, their origin and philosophy, and the practical approach through the presentation of practical applications of maps through the course of the jurisprudence of the family, The study concluded that the maps have a significant impact on the students' proficiency in the course of the Fiqh of the family.
Appears in Collections:JFMR - Vol. 14, 2018

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