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Title: (تصميم حقيبة تعليمية محوسبة لمحتوى مادة الفقه للصف الثامن في مدارس الجمهورية اليمنية (دراسات تطبيقية في المدرسة العربية العالمية في ماليزيا
Authors: Elhamh Yahya Hussein
Keywords: computerized instructional kit
Fiqh jurisprudence
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The study aimed at designing a computerized instructional kit (Wikispace) for the Fiqh (Jurisprudence) subject of Grade 8 for schools in the Republic of Yemen, and adding key modern jurisprudential issues to the content of the subject. To achieve such an objective, the descriptive analytical approach has been adopted. A card is use as the study instrument to analyse the content of Fiqh subject. Moreover, a list of recent modern jurisprudential issues has been developed as well as a performance test for students. In addition, a questionnaire has been developed to measure students attitudes toward learning Fiqh subject that includes recent modern jurisprudential issues using the computerized instructional kit. Having verified the validity and reliability of the study which is represented by students of Grade 8 in the International Modern Arabic School in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Once the initial implementation of the kit was conducted, the study concluded that the mean of marks obtained by students who used the computerized instructional kit in the post-test was high. The result of the study also showed high modern jurisprudential issues using the computerized instructional kit. Moreover, the study concluded that recent modern jurisprudential issues were not included in the content of Fiqh subject and thus, 24 modern issues were proposed to be added to the current content. Based on findings of the study, it is important to include recent modern jurisprudential issues in the Fiqh textbook taught to Grade 8 students. Also, it is recommended to use the computerized instructional kit in teaching Fiqh subject because of its positive influence on the cognitive and spiritual aspects of students. The study also recommends conducting more scientific experiments on variables of the computerized instructional kit.
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