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Title: Factors Affecting the Perceived Job Burnout and its Impact On In-Role and Extra-Role Performance Among Academicians in Malaysian Public Universities
Authors: Raja Mayang Delima Binti Mohd Beta
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: With the high demands on research outputs, academicians are under pressure to cope with their teaching responsibilities as well as other managerial and administrative responsibilities that may affect their in-role and extra-role performance. Four hundred and thirty-one (431) academicians from twenty (20) Malaysian public universities were sampled which drawn from a stratified sampling process. The study examined the factors affecting in-role and extra-role performance among academicians in Malaysian public universities. There were four (4) proposed affecting factors that being examined; namely job demands as independent factor, perceived job burnout as the mediating factor, job resources and religious personality as the moderating factors. The job demands, job resources, in-role performance and extra-role performance questionnaire revised by Bakker (2014), while the perceived job burnout questionnaire by Demerouti (2010), and religious personality questionnaire by Krauss (2007) were adopted and adapted. The Job demands-resources theory of burnout guided the study through a quantitative research design. Data were analysed using SPSS 23.0 and AMOS 23.0 approaches of structural equation modelling to test the hypothesised model. The quantitative research results revealed that all proposed factors are statistically significant predictors between tested variable. In addition, it was also found that the level of academician’s perceived job burnout was within the moderate level of 3.16, a finding established via an analysis of all means. The findings of this study largely supported the hypothesised relationships proposed in the theoretical model especially the mediating effect of perceived job burnout between job demands towards in-role and extra-role performance. The results demonstrated that academician’s religious personality moderates the effect between the job demands and the level of perceived job burnout. The findings revealed the moderation effect of job resources between job demands towards inrole and extra-role performance of academicians. The study concluded that all research objectives were successfully answered and achieved. Future studies applying the proposed model are therefore recommended to be conducted at the institutions of higher learning across Malaysia in order to verify these findings and to enrich the current literature on academician’s perceived job burnout that popularly known as an emerged issue among academicians that may also affect other aspect of academician’s performance at tertiary institutions in the country.
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