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Title: التماسك والانسجام في ديوان الأمام الشافعي : دراسة تحليلية في نظرية نحو النص
Authors: Moshood Kamorudeen Ishola
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This study focuses on the analysis of Imam Shafi’i’s collection of poems according to two standards of the theory “towards text” by Debeaugrand and Dresller (1891). The two standards were cohesion and coherence which are entitled Alsabak and Alhabak in the heritage fundamentals. The statement of problem is highlighted in the sense that most researchers gave priority towards studying Imam Shafii’s poems critically and figuratively without concentrating on linguistics. Therefore, this study aims at prescribing the extent that these poems may be responsive to the standards of cohesion and coherence to find the elements of grammatical, lexical and phonological coherence as well as the elements of cohesion such as context, linking issues and text topic. So, this study adopted the descriptive and analytical approaches to describe and analyze the phenomena of coherence and cohesion in the poems in accordance with the theory “towards text” to find out the quality extent of poetic texts and the poet’s geniality. The findings declared that Imam Shafii’s poems were influenced by the Holly Quran and were connected strongly its concepts represented in its human meanings and propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. In addition, the stanzas were coherent in structure and meaning because of the linguistic mechanisms that connected the various elements of text which resulted in texts coherence and meaning cohesion in the stanza. Meanwhile, the cohesion and coherence played a significant role in the text structure and organizing its information in addition to enhancing the close coherence between the text parts. Finally, the study recommended doing further research to study the applicability of other text standards in this collection of poems and unifying the term to avoid mixture and mistakes.
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