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Title: الأخطاء اللّغوية الشائعة في التعبير الكتابي الوظيفي لدى الطّلبة المتخصّصين في اللّغة العربية في الجامعات الحكوميّة الماليزيّة
Authors: Azlan Bin Saiful Baharom
Keywords: Student difficulties in Arabic writing
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Arabic subject was introduced formally at various levels of education in Malaysia since long time ago. However, the learners' proficiency is not satisfying. Learners face lots of difficulties especially in writing essay. Their errors occurred in areas such as morphology, syntax, orthography and lexicography. This study tries to indentify the above errors in formal writing among students who specialize in Arabic studies in five public universities in Malaysia. It analyzed frequencies, percentage and mean for each type of errors. It also investigated the causes of the errors and their impacts. Besides that, the study examined how far gender and previous education background affect the errors. The study implemented qualitative and quantitative approach. The samples of 113 final year students were requested to write a formal essay. A questionnaire was also distributed to them and 49 lecturers (n-162). The findings show that frequency errors detected was 245, equal to mean of 49 for each university. Syntax (100 frequencies) was identified as the major errors compared to others. This could be due less grammatical exercises. The results suggested that there is a significant relation between syntax and orthographical errors, and gender, but not education background. The study also concluded that improper translation of some phrases from the mother tongue, and less reading of Arabic materials contributed to the main problem. The major implication of the findings emphasizes that the students were not able to write academic articles. Finally, the study suggested some solutions to overcome the problem. It also listed some resolutions for the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning, universities, schools and academics to consider
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