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Title: The Role of Former Drug Abuser in the Management of Drug Treatment Center Using Psycho Spiritual Therapy in Malaysia and South Thailand: A Comparative Study
Authors: Saiful Amri, Mohd Zohdi Mohd Amin
Abdulloh Salaeh
Keywords: Islamic management
Drug rehabilitation center
Drug abuse
Islamic spirituality
Psycho spiritual therapy
Tawhidic principle
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: AESS Published
Abstract: Drug addction has long been haunting Malaysians which has ravaged the communities, especially Malays who are the majority of the populations of the country. This threat is not only a big problem for the country, but it also brings losses from the aspect of human capital as a state asset. As such, there is a number of private drug treatment and rehabilitation centers that use Islamic management as the foundation. The study aims to introduce and compare the management of two private drug treatment centers, which are the Baitul Taubah, Kelantan, Malaysia and the Anharul-U-Loom pondok institution, Krabi, South Thailand. The study was conducted using a qualitative approach where researchers conducted visits to both drug treatment centers. The qualitative approaches include formal and informal interviews, and observations that are carried out during the visits to the treatment centers. Results show that Islamic management can be seen when former drug addicts re-serve their respective treatment centers. Thus the good effect of Psycho Spiritual Therapy is supposed to be promoted as an exemplary management in the field of drug treatment management.
ISSN: 2224 - 4441
E-ISSN : 2226 - 5139
Appears in Collections:International Journal of Asian Social

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