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Title: المقاربة المقاصد يّة في ردّ ابن فودي على القادح في جلستهم الدعويّة
Other Titles: Maqasid Approach In Ibn Fudi’S Rejoinder Against The Critic Of Their Missionary Gathering
Authors: Alawiye Abdul Mumin Abdur Razzaq
Ahmad Wifaq Mokhtar
Abdul Manan Ismail
Keywords: Approach,
Higher Objectives of Sharĩʻah,
bin Fudi,
Missionary gathering.
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This article is aimed to examine the extent of the application of Islamic legal objectives by Sheikh Abdullah bin Fudi in his rejoinder against one of their contemporary scholars who accused them of being over-liberal about the religion. He claimed that there has been a careless intermingling of men and women in the preaching and counselling gathering they used to hold, under the leadership of Sheikh Uthman bin Fudi (the Islamic reformer of the nineteenth century in Nigeria and West Africa). Thus, in this study, the researchers seek to answer the following interrogations: who was Abdullah bin Fudi? who was their critic? what was the subject matter of the criticism? How did the rebutter get equipped with some guidelines of higher objectives of Sharĩʻah in his rejoinder to the critic? To this end, this study had tackled the questions afore-stated by using inductive, descriptive and analytical methods to identify the personalities involved, define and analyze some concepts and matters considered as the hub of the study.
Description: Malaysian Journal of Syariah and Law (MJSL) MJSL - Volume 8, No.2, December 2018
Appears in Collections:MJSL, Vol. 8, No.2, Disember 2018

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