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Title: Biochemical properties and potential application of proteases from Alkalophilic Bacillus Iehensis G1
Authors: Nur Zazarina Ramly
Keywords: Gelatine Decomposition
Bacillus lehensis G1
Stain Removal
X-ray film
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universiti Sains Malaysia
Abstract: The biochemical properties of extracellular proteases enzymes from Malaysia Alkalophilic bacteria,Bacillus lehensis G1, were investigated.The secreted enzymes were tested on 2% of skim milk agar. Results demonstrated that the enzyme could maintain the activity up to 60°C within an extensive range of pH from 3 to 11 with the optimal pH and temperature of 7.0 and 40°C,respectively. The proteases activity were also observed to be increased in the presence of several ions such as Mn²⁺,Fe²⁺,Cu²⁺, Mg²⁺ and Co²⁺.Whilst the enzyme activity was marginally inhibited with the addition of Ca²⁺,K⁺ and Ni²⁺ with the residual activity of 85% and 75%, respectively.Furthermore the extracellular proteases have shown to be compatible with several Malaysia commercial liquid detergents which could be beneficial for stain removal.The potential application of proteases in gelatine decomposition from used X-ray films was also determined in this article.
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