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Title: واقع المشبرو عات الصغيرة في اليمن و أثر الخصائص الأدارية و السمات الشخصية على مستوى آداثها
Authors: Hani Yahya Shaiban Al-Tamimi
Keywords: Small-size enterprise
Administrative characteristic
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The concern for developing and qualifying small-size enterprises has become a dominant economic and development-based trend all over the world.Such concern is gaining much importance in the developing countries of economic recession where Yemen is considered one of those countries.This study aims at identify the most important administrative characteristics and personal traits of small-size enterprise’s owners and the extent of its impact on the performance level of these enterprises.It also aims to identify the extent of Yemen commercial bank contribution for financing the sector of small-size enterprises in Yemen. In the light of so,the Researcher has put four assumptions to determine the relationship between both of administrative characteristics and personal traits of small-size enterprise’s owners along with the level of success and development of such projects and realization of these sound assumptions.The study has been conducted on a selective sample of the study population which comprises of (100) successful enterprise and (100) stumbling enterprise out of the ones financed by the smallest financing institutions in Aden.It also included all commercial banks in Yemen. The Researcher has designed two end-to-end questionnaires that applied to the study population after being reviewed by professional experts.This study used the descriptive approach in order to provide the detailed data and information about the tangible reality of the phenomenon which is subject of the study.The study also used an analytical approach as it was so apparent in the theoretical aspect of the study, including the previous studies.The field study has concluded that there is a direct and strong impact for the administrative characteristics and personal traits on the level of these enterprises’ performance.The study also has concluded that there are differences between the constituent elements of administrative characteristics and the same elements of personal traits in terms of a degree of importance and performance level impact.Such result significantly contributes to the realization of the characteristics and traits that they have a positive impact over the enterprises’ success,and consequently, much focus must be given on them in preparing the training and qualification programs which are established by the competent entities either in providing the support to the small-size enterprises owners in Yemen,or in the light of results concluded.This study has presented several recommendations,which included the respective entities of developing and supporting the small size enterprises sector namely the governmental entities,the respective organizations and institutions for developing and qualifying the small-size enterprises owners along with small financing institutions.
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