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dc.contributor.authorMaher Abdulla Almahdi Alghali-
dc.description.abstractEducational institutions adopt cloud computing technology to allow their learning systems and services to be accessed anytime and anywhere with low cost. Moving to the cloud computing has raised many information privacy concerns such as data control, users awareness, data access, compliance requirements, data location, retention period, data destruction, and the notification management when an information privacy breach occurs. This study addresses the gap in the literature and gain a better understanding of information privacy issues and their consequences of cloud based e-learning. Deductive research approaches along with quantitative research method were adopted. A conceptual framework has been refined and developed based on reviewed literature. This framework was tested by means of a survey of 216 e-learning center and academic staff in Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris with response rate 96.86%. The items were clarified by exploratory factor analysis and measured again by confirmatory factor analysis.Structural equation modelling was used to analyse the survey responses. The finding indicates that the factors control (p˂0.001), storage (p˂0.001),access (p=0.003),awareness (p=0.005),privacy breaches (p=0.005), destruction (p=0.007),retention (p=0.008) have a positive effect on privacy concerns of cloud based e-learning.Besides, privacy concern has a positive effect (p˂0.001) on risk beliefs and negative effect on trust beliefs (p˂0.001).Additionally, the study found that an information privacy concern had a mediating the relationship between these factors and trust and risk beliefs. The results present a new contribution to the body of knowledge by validated and reliable cloud based e-learning users information privacy framework and instrument to measure the users information privacy concerns of cloud based e-learning. Finally, this study provides insights for education institutions, cloud service providers, and policy-makers to improve their privacy practices and increase the level of trust with their users.en_US
dc.publisherUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysiaen_US
dc.subjectcloud computingen_US
dc.titleEstablishing Information Privacy Framework for Cloud Based e-learning Usersen_US
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