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Title: Documentary Evidence From Islamic Perspective
Authors: Hadzrul Fadillah Bin Perlin
Keywords: Evidence (law)
tes FSU 2004 .H339
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: According to the research of Evidence law, found, the documentary evidence is one way to prosecute any certain rights. It has been stated in the section 61 to section 65 under the law of Evidence Act 1950 (Act 56). This study is library research towards documentary evidence. The aim of this research is to find out about documentary evidence through the Islamic view, either this evidence can be used as one of the proof in the case proceeding or not. For gathering data and information, the secondary data, which are available in written form for example, textbooks and journal are being used. The result of this research showed, the documentary evidence can be used in proving the cases that equal to the laws which had provided under the section 61 to 65 in Evidence Act 1950 (Act 56). In Islamic view, the documentary evidence also can be used in proving, however, it should be free from any forgery and known to the judge. From this research, it shows the documentary evidence had played important role in processing the prosecution for nowadays.
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