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Title: الرضاعة : نظرة الإسلام فيها وأسرارها الطبية
Other Titles: Al-Rada'ah : Nazrah Al-Islam Fiha Wa-Asraruha Al-Tibbiyyah
Authors: Hamidah binti Ali
حميدة بنت علي
Keywords: Breastfeeding
tes FPQS 2003 .H365
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The purpose of this research entitled " Breastfeeding: From the Islamic Perspective and Its Medicinal Benefits and Advantages". This topic is chosen with the objectives to attract the readers who would like to gain some knowledge from it and for those persons who would like to make further research on the same domain for academic purposes. This research is made based on my literature readings from the libraries of KUIM, the Islamic Center and the National Library, all in Kuala Lumpur. The results of this research reveal that the advantages and medicinal benefits of breastfeeding go alongside with what has been stated clearly in the Al-Quran and the Al-Hadiths either from the aspects of Islamic Laws on breastfeeding or the conditions warranted by the situations.
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