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Title: Freedom of Movement in the Federal Constitution From Islamic Perspective
Authors: Asif Pahmi Bin Mokhtar
Keywords: Freedom of movement--Malaysia
Freedom of movement--Religious aspects--Islam
tes FSU 2003 .A843
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: This is a comparative study between the Federal Constitution (Article 9) and Islamic perspective. The main purpose of the research is to find the similarities and identifying the inconsistencies from Islamic aspects. The writer identified some rights of freedom of movement that is provided by the Federal Constitution and also in Islamic Constitution. However the writer has the tendency to support Islamic Constitution. Relating to this issue, freedom of movement is granted to the human beings. Furthermore, the writer also recognized the restrictions on movement laid down by the Federal Constitution and Islamic Constitution. The main issue of the research; Is the freedom of movement absolutely given without limits in the both Federal Constitution and in Islamic Constitution? The findings have showed that some interpretations of Islamic law is in the Federal Constitution. Although in certain aspect the inconsistency with the Islamic law still exist, but it can be solved. Hopefully, the research would provide knowledge to the society that Islamic law is the best and eternally applicable. It is appropriate if the writer states that, the Islamic Law is the supreme Law of the Federation and any law, which is inconsistent with the Islamic Law shall, to extent of the inconsistent. be void.
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