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dc.contributor.authorFitriah Bt Ali-
dc.contributor.authorفطرية بنت علي-
dc.description.abstractThis study is based on the research of Zakah Center in Kedah Darulaman. The study sought to understand and comprehend about the history of foundation of Zakah Center it management and administration and activities in collecting and distributing zakah. The library research, reviewing relevant documents and interviews were the tools employed for data gathering purposes. The finding indicates that the Zakah Center in Kedah Darulaman is playing its important role in collecting and distributing zakah in Kedah Darulaman.en
dc.publisherUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysiaen
dc.subjectEconomics--Religious aspects--Islamen
dc.subjectIslam--Economic aspects--Malaysiaen
dc.subjecttes FSU 2003 .F587en
dc.titleمركز الزكاة بقدح : دراسة حول أنشطتهen
dc.title.alternativeMarkaz al-Zakat bi-Kedah : Dirasah hawla anshitatahu-
dc.typeAcademic Projecen
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