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Title: Latihan Kaunseling di Malaysia - Satu Ulasan dan Cadangan
Authors: Sapora Sipon
Keywords: Counseling
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2010
Abstract: The rapid development and social change experienced by Malaysia in the last decade has spurred the need for counseling services. The history of counselor preparation in this country shows that a detailed set of selection standards has not yet been developed and agreed upon, though there has been some progress in this direction. Counselor preparation varies from the institution to another and this has resulted in the differences in teaching, curriculum, selection of candidates, entry requirements, counselor qualifications, training material, length and content of preparation and the degrees offered. In other words, there is no common core counselor preparation standard among the counselor education institutions. Issues such as research and testing in counselling, ethics, licensing should be discussed in formulating acceptable and high quality standards for counselor preparation. This paper will provide some suggestions in achieving high quality counselor preparation and performunce in the realisation of profesional counselling services in Malaysia.
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