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Title: إلزامية تنفيذ المعاهدات الدولية دراسة مقارنة في الفقه الايسلامي والقانون الدولي
Other Titles: Ilzamiat Tanfiz al-Mu'ahadat al-Dawliyah Dirasat Muqaranah fi al-Fiqh al-Islami Wa-al-Qanun al-Dawli
Authors: Sabah Latif Ahmed
Keywords: Treaties (Islamic law)
Alliances (Islamic law)
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Treaties play an important role in the international law system because it is a tool for setting up international relations. This important role has increased recently because of the development that the international community is experiencing.Furthermore, treaty is considered as a tool to achieve sustainability in global life. Hence, international law obliges the treaty parties to abide by them. On the other hand, there will be instability, chaos and military disputes in the international law, which causes disasters whenever there isa breach in treaties. Showing the necessary assiduousness towards achieving treaties and their applications is a true expression to really execute the treaty. Treaty is a civil and an organizing manner between nations. Treaty execution is enhanced by the mutual desire of the involved parties. Besides, treaty execution is based on moral, social and practical backgrounds, which otherwise, executing treaties rendered impossible.
Description: Thesis (M.A) - Faculty of Shariah and Law, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, 2005.
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