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Title: A study on the applications and usage of Matriarchal Law (Adat Perpatih) in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan
Authors: Hakimi Md Said
Keywords: Adat law--Negeri Sembilan
Adat law--Malaysia
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Based on writer's own observation, the main reason that brings to the negative view by the society towards Adat Perpatih is lack of precise and comprehensive knowledge which can convince them about the reality behind the application of this adat. The purpose of this study is to see and do research on how far does the society in Jelebu district applies and uses this system and way of life as underlie by Adat Perpatih. This study focused on Jelebu district because it is the biggest district in Negeri Sembilan. At the same time, the writer himself comes from Jelebu and intends to know as much as he can the knowledge about the adat which is gradually forgotten from time to time. The study includes history, development and potential of this adat to compete with other laws and ways of life of today's society. Besides that, this study tries to search about the study area which is Jelebu district including history, administration and political structure, and the way of life of Jelebu society has, whether it was influenced by Adat Perpatih or not. This study produced in guidance by several approaches such as through observations to previous paper works, interviews, writing by western researchers, also by local works. There also some writings produced by Indonesian intellectuals and adat's leader in Negeri Sembilan. The findings from all these sources indicated that if the Adat Perpatih is comprehensively learned and understood in depth by the society, the negative view by the society to this adat can be corrected. Besides, this study also explained about several basic matters which led to the negative view towards this adat.
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