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Title: دور المساجد في تكوين الأمة بمحافظة فاسير فوتيه
Other Titles: Dawr Al-Masajid fi Takwin Al-Ummah bi Muhafazah Pasir Putih
Authors: Noraini Bt Alias
نور عيني بنت ألياس
Keywords: tes FPQS 2003 .N670
Mosques, (Islam)
Religious life--Islam
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Mosques are one of the institutions that playing an important role in our society to developing their good attitude. So, the main purpose from this research is to examine how the mosques in Pasir Puteh able to became as agent in changing society attitude or vise versa. From this matter, this research has three chapters. The first chapter talked about the meaning of mosques in our society. Besides that, in the chapter two it will be discussed about the area and the position involved of the research, roles and the mosque activities every year. Finally, in the last chapter will be covered it will be covered about problems and the effects in committee. From the observation of this research, it can be concluded that Muslims are more attract to involve all the activities that prepared in mosques especially between the aged people because many number of them is more convergent in mosque activities. This is the cause of their desire to know deeply about Islam. A good reception was given by each of the activities had proved that Islamic teaching in mosque able to add many followers even less reception in teens circle.
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